About EnerVantage

EnerVantage is a full-service energy management firm focused on achieving lasting results for our clients. The EnerVantage team has extensive experience in the energy industry and can provide valuable services customized to fit your needs. Our goal is to be your preferred energy manager by providing best-in-class services.

Our team includes Dale Rector and Brian Krohn, having a combined experience of nearly 50 years in the energy industry.

Dale Rector is a seasoned energy veteran. Since 1997 Dale has worked with large industrial facilities on utility negotiations, energy procurement, infrastructure feasibility and project management.  He has a BA in accounting and MBA with emphasis on finance from the University of Louisville.

Brian Krohn has a lengthy resume of energy industry experience with extensive hands-on and management experience in customer support, sales, natural gas supply, pipeline engineering, design, operations, and operating standards. He has been in the natural gas industry since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1991. Brian's responsibilities at EnerVantage include natural gas market analysis, project management, feasibility analysis and development of natural gas pipeline infrastructure projects.

We succeed by using a systematic and comprehensive approach to the 5 Principles of Energy Management. This holistic approach captures savings that are left on the table when companies segregate the management of these functions between departments such as operations, purchasing, finance and engineering.

EnerVantage collects information from these various departments and develops a comprehensive plan for each facility based on available energy options given the load profile, operational flexibility and risk tolerance of the client. We often will present the findings at a meeting of cross-functional team members and executive management. After a recommended approach is approved, EnerVantage can facilitate implementation to ensure objectivity and completion to plan.



Our clients have unique energy profiles, cultures, objectives, risk tolerances, expertise and resources. EnerVantage meets you "where you are" to develop a customized energy plan that brings real value for your organization.

Dale Rector, Director of Consulting, talks about EnerVantage and the future of Energy Management